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Design Process

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Design Process

We help create outdoor living spaces that combine as desired various design aspects: functional areas (activities, cooking), places for reflection (reading, privacy), ways of connecting them (paths, walkways), as well as others. These are united into a coherent outdoor garden space offering a comfortable outdoor experience suitable for almost any season.

Since each client's needs and desires for their new landscape are unique, no two projects are the same and we avoid duplicating design solutions. Additionally, our designs allow for plants to grow to maturity without crowding the space.

Having a carefully considered and designed "unique-to-you" landscape will provide years of enjoyment and may enhance your property value.
Below is the basic design process:

Program Development

We establish the design program for your project beginning with the completion of a comprehensive Client Questionnaire. We also ask clients for images of gardens they like or anything else that inspires them. Your local built environment, microclimates, and usability needs are evaluated to help ensure a successful plan. Designs for residences in HOAs have specific rules and these are carefully noted. We observe and record all this information before starting the preliminary design phase.

Design Development

Depending on the project's complexity, we prepare up to three sequential preliminary designs that reflect your ideas and goals. All desired changes and modifications are included in the final plan. Communication during the design process is a hallmark of David Clarke Design. When the final design is presented, you can feel confidant that the plan has met your design goals. After all, you were a big part of it!

Post-design Assistance

With the completed design in hand, you can begin to research landscape contractors and other skilled professionals to bring your design to life. Having a professionally designed plan makes it much easier to compare contractor's bids and helps ensure everyone is on the same page for construction estimating. We are available to consult with you and your contractor as necessary prior to and once construction begins, and site visits during construction and installation are included in our fees.

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